ACEA Products

ACEA provides end-to-end management for continuing education. We strive to personalized solutions for licensed professionals, hospitals, and healthcare institutions, associations, societies, and education providers.

CE Tracking for individuals

CE App 

ACEA removes the administrative work for individuals who have higher-value activities to spend their time on besides paperwork.

  • Save Time

  • Stay Compliant

  • Engage in Useful Education

CE Tracking for individuals

CE App Elite

Like the CE App, but even better! Know your compliance status, get renewal reminders, and more with our Elite version.

  • Support team: award-winning support at your whim.

  • Get renewal reminders: Like a personal secretary, sending you renewal reminders with your compliance status.

  • Save even more time: You can simply forward us certificates or tell us you’re looking for education, and we’ll track, curate content, and register you for courses.

CE Tracking & Management for Your Employees

CE Management for Employers & Enterprises

As a manager, you know the value of your team’s time. Let us save your professional team members hours, help improve their work through better education, and deliver you a 10x return on your investment with us.

  • Streamline Work for Members

  • Seamless Setup & Support

  • Management Compliance Reporting

Our Top Benefits

Heres how ACEA can help your organization manage continuing education

Additional features for group management

As an organization, you also have access to more of our service and features that can be personalized when you register your group.

  • Exclusive group CME and conference discounts

  • Cloud hosting & file storage

  • Requirement status reporting

  • Compliance report

  • Onboarding audits

  • Certifications/ credentials renewal alert

  • Learner’s support

  • Live chat support

Our Success Cases

Learn how we create success for our partners.

ACEA for Associations Success Case

Association Success Case

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We’re here to answer any questions you have. Together, we can improve the continuing education experience and make an impact for your work.