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ACEA empowers you to better manage continuing education end-to-end.

Organizations We Help:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

  • Employers of Other Credentialed Professionals

  • Associations, Societies and Education providers

ACEA Continuing Education

CE App for individuals

CE App

A full suite of features to make keeping on top of continuing education (CE) requirements easier and more effective. Credentialed professionals can have one place to manage all of their required education for license, certification, or other designation renewals.

  • Automatic Credit Tracking with CE Transcript

  • CE Discovery and Curation

  • Certificates and Evaluations in one place

  • Multi-Platform Support

  • Extensive Collaborative Network

Organization management via ACEA

Employers & Enterprises

Instead of having your team of credentialed professionals do the administrative work to maintain their licenses or certifications, ACEA’s solution saves time and ensure compliance. Shift your team’s time away from administrative burden to more high-impact activities.

  • Streamline Administrative Work

  • Empower Your Team to Improve

  • Enjoy Seamless Setup & Support

Employers & Enterprises

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and had a horrible way of keeping CE. Now we use ACEA’s CE App every time our clinicians take courses and it saves us hours.”

Educator & Associations

Partnership opportunities

Educators & Associations

Partnering with ACEA ensures better educational outcomes for your organization and learners. While cutting costs and employing our straightforward technology, course attendees will get an improved experience while your team saves time and money in the process.

  • Expand Learner Engagement

  • Grow Membership & Attendance

  • Increase Revenue

“There is value in ACEA’s solutions for both associations and educators… Tools like the CE App show not only a deep understanding of the end-user needs, but a commitment to providing an easy experience even for those who are technology challenged.”


ACEA Developer Resources

Are you building software? Let’s collaborate.

ACEA is a software company at its core, focused on our flagship product, the CE App. We collaborate with other software companies to co-develop and open up our API to enhance the community. Contact us below if you are interested in learning more.

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