The ACEA is a driving force in improving continuing education (CE) for professionals worldwide. We are a collaborative partner for non-profits, membership organizations, governmental entities, and corporations who share our vision: innovation for an enhanced professional experience with CE. Our partners drive the best quality in their industries through advanced CE engagement.

CE Shouldn’t be a Problem

Professionals in the medical, dental, finance, engineering, and other licensed fields experience the burden of finding and organizing quality CE with which to engage. Participation in the highest quality and most relevant education should not be so difficult. This fundamental principle underlies everything that we do at The ACEA, including our partnerships.

We help ensure that the professionals in your organization deliver the highest quality. The ACEA facilitates your organization’s continuing education processes, offering you multiple key benefits:

  • A software platform for professionals to track their courses and certifications
  • Reporting and analytics for CE engagement throughout your network
  • Enhanced quality and relevance of CE participation for your professionals
  • Better outcomes for your patients, clients, and customers

You should be focused on offering the best quality to your network. The ACEA is a strong partner in helping you ensure that continuing education can help drive excellence in outputs.

How You can Partner with Us

If you are interested in affiliation or partnership with The ACEA, click this link now for additional information. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or +1 (617) 399-2222 if you have any questions.