ACEA believes that continuing education should be painless and more effective for working professionals. We are also a driving force for improving continuing education worldwide by collaborating with educational organizations.

Our app,My CE, is the leading tool for healthcare professionals to find and track continuing education. We partner with quality educators at no cost to engage their attendees and reach a wider audience.

How We Help Teachers, Speakers, and Lecturers – for Free

As part of our mission, we collaborate, at no cost, with educators in continuing education (CE) fields to better engage their audience. We make sure important resources such as speaker information, upcoming lectures, handouts, and other learning materials reach your attendees and stick with them far after the lecture is over.

Instead of a piece of paper or email that are so easy to lose, your attendees have your resources hosted within My CE, the leading tool for licensed professionals to find and track CE. As each individual continues to use our app to track their CE, they will have your course and materials on record in their pocket at all times.

This means when your previous attendees are taking other courses and tracking with My CE, they will have your resources available to them right there. This creates more opportunities to return and re-engage with your materials and future courses.

What You Can Do to Get Involved

Getting involved with ACEA as a lecturer, with no investment beyond a few minutes of your time, is quick and easy. It starts by reaching out with your name and email below then we will contact you quickly thereafter.

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